An endless range of gray tense

Currently working on a Master's in teaching high school English.

Namesake of journal: Glenn Gould on Die Kunst der Fuge: "For me these pieces contain an endless range of gray tense. I mean that as a compliment because I love gray."
"the left", 1984, 2001 a space odyssey, a specter haunts europe, adorno, aesthetic theory, alienation, alienation displaced by fragmentation, amadeus, anti-essentialism, anti-psychiatry, arendt, authenticity, bach, bartleby the scrivener, baudrillard, beauvoir, beethoven, board games, bobby fischer, brahms, brave new world, bureaucracy, chance, chess, classical music, cold weather, communism, contemporary classical music, counterpoint, crisis of legitimation, critical pedagogy, critical theory, cultural logic of latecapitalism, cultural studies, debussy, deconstruction, deutsch, dialectical materialism, diary, discipline, dostoevsky, downshifting, dystopia, entheogens, español, exercise, eyes wide shut, feminist theory, form, foucault, frankfurt school, fredric jameson, free will, fromm, gender, genderlessness, george bernard shaw, german, glenn gould, god is dead, godspeed you black emperor, habermas, hamlet, hawthorne, health, heidegger, hemingway, historicism, ideology, immortality, incredulity toward metanarratives, interpellation, intrinsic worth, irrationality, j.d. salinger, kafka, kubrick, l'art pour l'art, labor/leisure split, lacan, life does not live, lists, literary theory, lucid dreaming, ludwig ii, lutoslawski, lyotard, man a recent invention, marcuse, marx, marxism, mauvaise foi, media theory, meditation, messiaen, moby dick, modernism, mozart, new england, nietzsche, no poetry after auschwitz, notetaking, objectification, panopticon, phenomenology, philosophy, piano, poker, pool, postmodernism, poststructuralism, probability, purity, rationality, sartre, schizo-fragmentation, schoenberg, schubert, science as ideology, shakespeare, sibelius, six feet under, snow, sobriety, sociology of laughter, species being, spectacle, stoicism, strategy, strength training, structure, sublimated slavery, tactics, teaching, technique, teetotalism, terrence malick, the simulacrum is true, the thin red line, thomas bernhard, twin peaks season 1, unconscious structured like language, utopia, varieties of religious experience, veganism, weber, weltschmerz, will power, worldliness of the world